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We are all about talent & passion for technology.

A young and dynamic team always ready to go the extra mile to anticipate and meet our partners' expectations.

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Nexttech came to life out of the desire to craft a different, better type of organization.

One that is as hierarchy-flat as possible, where you can speak out frankly, authentically without fearing judgment. An organization where you'll always have that start-up feel no matter how large it is. A combination of flexibility, coziness, ingenuity, and agility. One where there are no office politics or tons of layers in decision making. A safe space for navigating with ease and adjusting quickly to meet our clients' needs without too much fuss. A place to learn, grow and become better versions of ourselves, bit by bit, day by day. A place to be. A place to dare.


Support people in our community to become the best version of themselves.

The only way is forward and upward. We believe life itself is a means toward evolution. We want to play a part in supporting people to evolve and achieve their true potential.


We value

Flexibility. Adaptability to the context, willingness to embrace change, and bouncing back easily from setbacks is something we highly value. We are open to feedback and we rapidly integrate it into our practice.

Core principles

We guide our daily actions and behaviors by core principles that speak loudly and clearly about who we are, what we believe in, and how we act in different circumstances according to what's most important to us.


No matter how challenging one thing is for sure: we deliver.

We won't let you down.

As the theme song from the Friends movie series says:
I'll be there for you.

We look ahead and don’t settle for less.

Our slogan is "Thinking ahead". We love to look forward and deliver quality.

We figure it out together.

Together is always better, smarter, and funnier.


Being courageous and taking risks is in our nature. Better fail fast and learn fast than not taking action.

We embrace change with curiosity.

Change is the only constant, isn't it? Why not embrace it and take the best out of it?

We trust
each other.

We provide autonomy and freedom based on this very simple principle: we trust you to do your best.

We value
each other for who we are.

Staying true to our hearts and being authentic is essential. We accept and esteem each other for our true selves.

We are straightforward but caring.

Speaking our minds is crucial in having genuine relationships and evolving together. We say what we believe with care and consideration.

do fun.

​Fun is undoubtedly on the menu. Our combo? Hard work and responsibility combined with fun, jokes, and enjoying each other's company.

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